AC Services

Our AC Ducts manufacturing unit provides precision-fit duct and fittings, serving all air distribution needs for our projects. Galvanized steel Paintable steel Aluminium, stainless steel and PVC-Coated steel spiral duct and fittings in either single or double wall in diameters of 3 through 60 inches in gauges 26 through 18 are among the ductwork we produce. Our capacities allow us to provide individualized and unique service not available from large companies and our skilled machinists and experienced technicians take pride in providing the best quality works in Full Air Conditioning Contracting, Supply Installation, all kinds of Services for Air Conditioning Units and Ducting, including: Fresh air exhaust (extract) ventilation services Air balancing and commissioning through client's specification Supply and installation of air handling units (AHU), fan coil units (FCU), split duct package and wall mounted split units General air conditioning and ducting contracting - heat load calculation, design, drawings and on site HVAC consultancy Repairs and service split duct units, decorative, wall mounted units, package units and hilled water system Chilled water piping and contracting works