About Us

Founded in 2006 in response to the market demand for high standard services, Atlas Continent Contracting L.L.C. has by now transformed into one of the most recognized  Fit out Companies in the UAE. Having comprehensive approach to its work, Atlas nowadays includes Interior Design and MEP divisions, AC ducts production unit as well as a Furniture factory, and bringing together skills and knowledge of technicians, engineers, interior designers, architects, managers and laborers is proud to offer full range of design and fit out solutions. With that, structurally well-balanced, Atlas ensures quick decision making processes throughout all stages of work combined with  high quality results and authorities rules full compliance - profound knowledge in  everything, we do quality oriented attitude motivated  adherence to timeframes are the milestones of our philosophy.  Over the years  allowing us to convert our  clients into  long-term business  partners as well as gaining respect and loyalty of various Dubai based developers and government entities.


Our Values

Our vision is to become the leading fit out, contracting and trading, design, partner in our chosen markets. We will achieve our vision by delivering over the years, the mission that underpin our business remain constant. Atlas is first and foremost recognized for our commitment to teamwork and integration. We deliver on our promise and display candor, integrity, passion in everything we DO. Atlas strives to deliver high standard results that embellish the lifestyle of people by practicing the following characteristics: 

  • We are determined to grow professionally by investing in our manpower. 
  • We cherish the positive working atmosphere in our company. 
  • We have critical and demanding attitude to our performance. 
  • We are inspired by achieving success through teamwork. 
  • We put stake on planning and internal locus of control. 
  • We stand for effectiveness and high productivity. 
  • We love to see our clients enjoying our work.
  •  We treat our clients with trust and respect. 
  • We believe in no limits.

Project Quality

The quality policy followed by Atlas on any project is to carry out the work in accordance with the contract requirements, within the agreed time frame and in a cost effective way. To achieve this  Atlas is committed to:

  • Ensure that a  Project Quality Plan is established,  implemented and  maintained as per the contract  requirements.
  • Ensure that all Atlas personnel assigned to a project are suitably qualified, skilled and experienced and clearly realize their role in the project to be accomplished. 
  • Maintain  honest and open communications, request/provide clarifications when in doubt and practice a systematic approach, essential for the successful execution of the project. 
  • Constant improvement in the quality  system implemented on site through regular reviews of quality objectives and by undertaking effective preventive or corrective  actions when and if needed.

Quality Health Safety Environment

Atlas is actively committed to and supports the QHSE concept. The QHSE standards are communicated and implemented on each stage of working process - from designing to fit out execution. In this framework: 

  • We are committed to constantly integrate QHSE objectives into our management system. 
  • We stand for improvement of the health, safety and security of our people at all times. 
  • We tend to prevent Quality non-conformance and HSE accidents.
  • We maintain the framework for achieving performance objectives within the QHSE goals. 
  • We are fully prepared and equipped to respond to any QHS Eemergency.Strive to minimize our impact on the environment through control of emissions, efficient use of natural resources along with reduction and recycling of waste.
  • We educate our employees and business partners on the safe and environmentally-friendly use of our services and products.Communicate openly with interested parties and ensure understanding of our QHSE practices, rules and performance.
  • We are knowledgeable of Federal, State, and Local regulations for better understanding of our legal obligations and other rules.Continuously monitor and update our QHSE effectiveness.

Ensuring QA/QC

All works during contract period shall be controlled through Quality Control system to make sure that the work activities are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the contract, drawings and technical specifications. Quality plan shall be established and implemented which shall include the procedures, instructions, records and etc. covering the following:  
  • Project Organization including the quality control rules and qualification requirements of personnel Authority and area of responsibilities of the quality control personnel Documents control. 
  • Design & Development. 
  • Material Purchasing and control. 
  • Construction control including process control and quality control procedures. 
  • Inspection and Testing. 
  • Control of inspection, Measuring and Test Equipment,  Control of Supplied Product,  Identification and Traceability,  Control of Non-Conforming products, Handling & Storage, Control of Quality Records.